Den Haag | 01.05.2016.
Next Week at the Tribunal


Ratko Mladic’s defense demography expert will continue her evidence next week. In her testimony last week, Mladic’s expert contested the findings of the prosecution demography expert about the death and identification of the victims exhumed from the Tomasica mass grave near Prijedor. The defense wants to prove that the victims were not executed but were killed in combat

Indications that Ratko Mladic’s defense could rest its case in the last week of April 2016 have been proven wrong. The testimonies of Dr. Zoran Stankovic and Belgian lieutenant Jan Segers last week took longer than planned and Dr. Svetlana Radovanovic, the defense demography expert, wasn’t able to complete her evidence.

On Monday, 2 May 2016, the defense is expected to finish Dr. Radovanovic’s examination-in-chief. Last week, Dr. Radovanovic contested the findings and conclusions of Dr. Ewa Tabeau, the prosecution demography expert, about the death and identification of the victims exhumed from the Tomasica mass grave. The prosecution will cross-examine the defense expert on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ratko Mladic’s defense will not rest its case after Dr. Radovanovic completes her evidence. There are two more names on the defense witness list but the defense lawyers haven’t been able to bring them to The Hague. The two witnesses are Russian colonel Andrei Demurenko and Jasmin Odobasic, former member of the BH Commission on Missing Persons. Last week the Trial Chamber set the defense a deadline to ensure the witnesses’ presence in court: 30 May 2016. After that, the defense case will be declared closed.

The former commander of the VRS Main Staff is charged with genocide and other crimes in the war in BH.