Den Haag | 10.05.2016.


President of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals Judge Meron apointed the Appeals Chamber which will deal with the prosecution's appeal the acquittal of the Serbian Radical Party leader. Presided by US Judge Meron the chamber will include judges from Great Britain, Portugal, Kenya and Cameroon

A week after the prosecution filed its notice of appeal against Vojislav Seseljs acquittal, Theodor Meron, the president of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, appointed a five-judge Appeals Chamber which will deal with the case. According to the prosecution, the Trial Chambers judgment was vitiatedand invalidatedby a number of legal and factual errors.

Judge Meron, as a president of Mechanism, will preside over the chamber which will also include Judge Lee Muthoga from Kenya, Rita Arrey from Cameroon, Ben Emmerson from Great Britain and Portuguese judge Ivo Nelson Batista Rosa.

The prosecution asked the Appeals Chamber to reverse the vitiatedand invalidated’ judgment and to convict Seselj of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The appellate judges should then impose an appropriate sentence or, alternatively, order a re-trial. Bearing in mind the Tribunals current jurisprudence, the Appeals Chamber is likely to opt for a re-trial if it grants the prosecutions grounds of appeal.