THE HAGUE | 19.09.2014.


The Tribunal’s Registry has informed the Appeals Chamber that Slobodan Praljak has not paid back a single euro of the 2.8 million euro debt incurred by his defense

The Tribunal’s Registry has informed Judge Theodor Meron’s Appeals Chamber that Slobodan Praljak has not complied with the May 2014 order compelling him to pay the Tribunal the debt amounting to 2.8 million euros within 90 days. The debt was incurred when the Tribunal paid Praljak’s defense during the trial. Alternatively, Praljak could repay the debt in monthly installments of about 70,000 euros over the next three years.

The order to pay the debt was issued on 14 May 2014, which means that the deadline to either settle the debt in full or to pay the first installment expired in mid-August 2014. Immediately before the debt fell due, the Registry reminded Praljak of the fact and of the ways in which he could settle the debt but Praljak didn’t respond. The Registry will ‘continue to take measures to ensure that the Appeals Chamber’s order is implemented’, the Registry concluded in its submission to the Appeals Chamber.