THE HAGUE | 25.03.2012.
Next Week at the Tribunal


Two ongoing trials, that of Radovan Karadzic and the trial of Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, continue next week. The seventh status conference in the case against Ratko Mladic has been scheduled for next week. Mladic’s trial will begin on 14 May 2012. Serbia has been called to state if it would offer guarantees needed for the provisional release of two former Serbian State Security Service chiefs

The seventh status conference in the case against Ratko Mladic has been scheduled for Thursday, 29 March 2012. The former commander of the Republika Srpska Army Main Staff is charged with double genocide and other crimes in BH from 1992 to 1995. At the last status conference in late February 2012, it was confirmed that Mladic’s trial would begin on 14 May 2012 with the prosecution’s opening statement. Mladic’s defense will have an opportunity to present its opening statement at that point. Two weeks later, on 29 May 2012, the prosecution will start calling evidence. Mladic asked Judge Orie for permission to appear in court wearing a military uniform and a general’s peaked cap.

The trial of former Republika Srpska president Radovan Karadzic for genocide and other crimes in BH continues on Monday with the evidence of Christine Schmitz. Schmitz is a nurse from Germany who worked for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders in the Srebrenica hospital when the enclave fell in July 1995.

The German nurse witnessed the arrival of Mladic’s troops in Srebrenica and the separation of men from the rest of the population in Potocari as the ‘blue helmets’ watched on. The witness also saw the deportation of women and children and the transfer of the captured men to execution sites. Dusan Janc, OTP investigator, is also on the prosecution’s list for next week as well as few other witnesses but their identity hasn’t yet been disclosed.

The defense case continues at the trial of two former chiefs of the Serbian State Security Service, Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, for the crimes committed by the police and paramilitary formations under their control in Croatia and BH. The prosecution alleges that the crimes – murder, persecution, deportation and forcible transfer – were part of a joint criminal enterprise aimed at ethnically cleansing large parts of Croatia and BH.

There will be an administrative hearing in the same case on Wednesday. The representatives of Serbia will have the opportunity to state whether they will comply with the requests made by Stanisic and Simatovic and provide the necessary guarantees for the pair’s provisional release during the break in the trial in April 2012.